Top Tip: SEO First Approach

Why bother with something called SEO? How does that relate to your clients?

SEO is customer-centric (e.g the focus is on the customer and not on the company). When we take an SEO first approach we are optimising our website for the expressed needs and wants of our customers.

If you are in a pub/bar, do you want to listen to the guy who is boasting about themselves? Or do you want to listen to person who has listened to you, has understood your problem and has some useful advice to give you? I think that answer is an easy one.

It is the same with our website. We want to have listened to our customers and put their needs first.

Our website isn't about us. Our website is about our customers. People want to know how you can help them. So we need to talk about our brand in the context of how we make our customers lives better.

Our website content can be put into 3 categories:

  1. The practical content - telephone number, address, services, products etc

  2. Blog/vlog content - editorial lead, soft content that lures a customer in

  3. The WOW content - campaigns (big budget content) etc

50% of your content development time should be put into the blog/vlog content which aims to help customers answer their questions in order to gain their trust and give them reassurance. 30% of your time should be dedicated to the practical content e.g have you explained what a customer can expect from a certain service, have you a short video explaining the process from one of your experts, or do you have a client testimonial that a customer can relate too.

If you are starting from scratch, I should warn you that SEO is a long term strategy. If you started tomorrow, you would start to see results in 6-18 months time. It will not bring cash into your business tomorrow but it will over time.

Because SEO is a long term strategy, when we start, we especially need to blend our long term and short term marketing strategies together. Short term marketing strategies include paid ads and social media.

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