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Top Tip: Customer Centric Language

A top tip for creating customer centric text is to replace 'I' or 'we' with 'you' to shift the focus to the customers point of view.


Company-centric text: We are the leading company for construction and infrastructure services in the UK. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Customer-centric text: Helping you to create a strong community with your UK based construction or infrastructure project. Your project details are important to us.

Simple tip. Big difference

Changing 'I' or 'we' with 'you' makes a big difference. This change in language makes us shift our thinking to the customers point of view.

If we are a 'leading company' what is the benefit to the customer? Instead of the customer working out the relevance, we need to make the leap in thinking and tell the customer, how we help them, from their point of view.

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