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Top Tip: Building Trust

We all want to build great relationships with our clients and potential clients.

Why build trust?

If a person has never bought from you before, they are relying on your marketing providing them with the reassurance and information they need, to give them the confidence that you can understand and guide them, confidently, to a successful outcome.

Let's assume that you and your competition are very kind and polite to your clients.

Let's assume that you and your competition are happy to engage with existing and past clients to maintain relationships.

However, the initial stages of building trust with a potential new client takes work. You need to help someone be able to evaluate if you are competent and trustworthy, as they haven't experienced your service yet for themselves.

Can you answer the below 3 questions?

  1. Do you understand your target market? People trust people who understand them and the problems they have. So do you know why your potential clients are needing your service? What problem do they have, that your service solves? What emotional frustration does your service resolve?

  2. Can you demonstrate empathy and authority? What qualifies you to help and guide your customer? Would other people, such as your past clients, testify that you were able to help them (customer testimonials) and did your service resolve their frustration and help them succeed?

  3. Can you show them a step by step plan or example of what would happen if they bought from you? People want to know what they can expect and when.

Building trust and showing you are trustworthy, is hard work, but essential to winning new business.

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