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No Drama: Why Video Content Makes an Impact

There are few promotional videos released in 2021 that I really admire. However, one of them, released in May 2021, is an advert for Switzerland called 'No Drama'. The target market is clear. This advert is aimed at affluent, older people who want to escape the pressure of the cities and experience the true beauty of Switzerland. The advert clearly shows all the benefits that Switzerland can give this target market, in an interesting and humorous way.

I am aware we don't all have the budget of Switzerland, or indeed products that look as beautiful as Switzerland, however, what we can all do is create content which emotionally connects to our target market.

So, why is video content important?

Articles, books, infographics, podcasts, live webinar's, quiz's etc all have their place in content marketing. However, short video's are fast becoming the most popular form of content shared on social media. Video captures our attention in a way no other media does. It allows us to experience something quickly. It allows us to connect in an easy way with the subject. The more the content is engaging, the more it is likely to be shared. Technology is allowing us to create video content much more easily and cheaply than ever before.

Especially after COVID-19 and lockdown, we are all used to looking at our screens and experiencing content more visually than ever before.

Video content which is created for a specific target audience, allows to create a deeper emotional connection with that audience.

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