Love You Too: Great KFC Advert

For all of you who love KFC, this might make you hungry, so look away. I am one of the few people in the world who doesn't love KFC (I know, weird) but I do love a great advert which uses 'user generated content'.

User generated content, in this example, is real video footage or photographs from actual customers, who tell their story with your brand at the heart of it. It's fun. We all love to people watch and see our fellow humans in action and this advert allows us that glimpse.

If you haven't watched it, click on the image below:

It does remind me a little of the Chainsmokers 'Let Me Take a Selfie' music video from 7 years ago. For all of those who want to relive that moment, 7 years ago, here you go...

User generated content is here to stay guys, so reach out to your audience and get collecting their images and video footage to tell the story of your brand and customer experience.

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